At the simplest level, mixing is the process of balancing, treating and combining multitrack material into a multichannel format. Usually that format is two-channel stereo. For example, once a musician or band has recorded singing, rhythm parts and other instruments, they now have multiple tracks of music. If just added together, they could seem like sound layered on top of each other, without a strong affiliation between the parts and tracks. This is where the mixing comes in. Mix engineers utilize tools like EQ, panning, reverb and compression to help make the different tracks sound like a cohesive song. The goal is to take multiple tracks and combine them into one ideal tune.
What is Mixing for?
Mastering deals with one stereo track at a time, as opposed to multiple solo tracks, and adds final touches and adjustments to make sure the song has the right sound and flow. Audio mastering uses EQ, compression, limiting, stereo enhancement and more to achieve a professional sound. The final recording product should strive to be as loyal to the original audio as possible.
What is Mastering for?
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